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Combined United States/Canadian Postal Codes

Combine Postal Codes

Produced: on or before 5th calendar day quarterly
Current Release: October 5, 2016
Distribution Frequency: quarterly (issue date: January, April, July, October)
Distribution Format: Internet download

Whether your needs are simple city-state or province lookups from a postal code, calculating distance between ZIP or postal codes, finding all postal codes or locations within a radius, or finding the area code and time zone used, our data can help.

Review our product field comparison to help you decide which edition is right for your needs. Need more information? Follow the edition specific link for more details about that product and sample data.

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 Premium EditionStandard EditionLite Edition
ZIP or Postal Code YesYesYes
City or Location Name YesYesYes
State or Province Abbreviation YesYesYes
Full State or Province Name YesNoNo
ZIP or Postal Code Type YesYesYes
City Name Type YesYesNo
Primary Area Code YesNoNo
Time Zone YesNoNo
DST Observed YesNoNo
Latitude and Longitude YesYesNo
 Premium EditionStandard EditionLite Edition
Corporate License - Single Release
$169.95 USD
$129.95 USD
$79.95 USD
Corporate License - Annual subscription - quarterly updates
$479.95 USD
$419.95 USD
$359.95 USD
Distribution License - Annual subscription - quarterly updates
$899.95 USD
$829.95 USD
$759.95 USD
text file

The Combined United States / Canadian Postal Code data files are ASCII, comma separated value (CSV) text files. Each file contains a single header row followed by multiple data rows. Each row is terminated with a carriage return line feed character pair. Each data field is separated with a single comma character. If the field data contains one or more commas then the field is encapsulated with an opening and closing double quote character.

Each file name ends with the file extension ".txt" or ".csv". Though intended to be imported into an SQL or similar database this data can be easily viewed with any text editor.

zipped file

These products are delivered in common zip format. They are created with WinZip file compression utility using legacy compression and should easily decompress on most platforms using common "zip file" utilities.