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ITED™ International Telephone Exchange Database

Encompassing the entire ITU-T Recommendation E.164 numbering space ITED™ provides telephone exchange data at a global scale covering the telephone numbering plans of more than 249 countries and regions of the world.

Identify IDD country codes, city codes, time zones, or distinguish wireless from fixed line service of any telephone number in the world.

NALENND™ North American Local Exchange NPA NXX Database

More than just an area code and exchange prefix database, NALENND™ provides detailed NPA NXX-X thousands block coverage of the entire North American Telephone Numbering Plan.

Essential telecom data for a variety of applications, determine Rate Center, LATA, MTA by NPA NXX for jurisdictional routing, map NPA NXX to OCN/LATA when building Rate Decks.

Need to determine the local calling area for a particular United States or Canadian telephone exchange, there's a NALENND™ database for that, too.

The NALENND™ Wireless Telephone Number Identification products are cost effective tools and data to help you comply with TCPA and Wireless Do-Not-Call regulations.