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Current, accurate, telephone area and central office codes, zip, and postal code data easily integrated into your business applications, databases, and processes.

NALENND™ North American Local Exchange NPA NXX Database

Essential United States, Canadian and Caribbean telephone exchange numbering and jurisdictional data. NALENND™ includes all NPA NXX area code and prefix, Rate Center, Wire Center, OCN, LATA assignments currently used within the NANP.

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ITED™ International Telephone Exchange Database

Encompassing the entire ITU-T E.164 numbering space, ITED™ provides normalized telephone country and city dialing code data at a global scale covering the telephone numbering plans of more than 249 countries and regions of the world.

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NALENND™ Telephone Number Type Identifier Database

Helping you comply with TCPA and Wireless Do-Not-Call regulations. This database enables you to identify whether any United States or Canadian telephone number is wireless (cellular), VoIP or landline based on current carrier block assignments.

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United States ZIP Plus 4 Multi-County Database

ZIP codes can and do cross county and state lines as well as time zone boundaries. Our United States ZIP Plus 4 Multi-County ZIP Code Database provides an efficient method to accurately identify the preferred city name, county and time zone for any 9-digit United States ZIP Code.

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United States ZIP and Canadian Postal Codes Database

Identify city and county names, metropolitan statistical areas, area codes and time zones for any United States ZIP code or Canadian postal code.

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NALENND™ Local Calling Area Database

Local calling area information to identify the basic and expanded local calling areas for telephone exchanges in the United States and Canada based on incumbent wireline carriers' calling area definitions.

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