United States & Canada Combined Postal Code Database - Standard Edition

Combine Postal Codes

Basic geocoded United States 5-digit ZIP and Canadian Postal Codes data. This product contains all United States ZIP codes and Canadian postal codes in a single package. Contains over 800,000 records.

Each record contains the ZIP or postal code, the preferred city or location name with state or province abbreviation and associated latitude and longitude coordinates.

Produced: on or before 5th calendar day quarterly
Current Release: December 2, 2022
Distribution Frequency: quarterly (issue date: January, April, July, October)
Distribution Format: Internet download

Postal Code Assignments File

FieldData TypeField Description
PostalCodeVARCHAR(7)The five or six character post code.
CityVARCHAR(64)Name of city or location.
StateProvinceCHAR(2)Official abbreviation of the state or province.
CountryCHAR(2)ISO 3166 country code.
CityTypeCHAR(1)Postal Service recognition of the CITY field name
  • D - Default (preferred) city name
  • A - Alternate city name accepted
  • N - Not-recommended, used or accepted
PostalCodeTypeCHAR(1)The postal code definition or type for delivery purposes.
LatitudeDOUBLELatitude in decimal degrees to the center of the postal code.
LongitudeDOUBLELongitude in decimal degrees to the center of the postal code.

SQL Table Definitions

CREATE DATABASE IF NOT EXISTS `postalcodestandard`;
USE `postalcodestandard`;

DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `postalcodes`;
CREATE TABLE `postalcodes` (
	`PostalCode` CHAR(7) NOT NULL,
	`StateProvince` CHAR(2) DEFAULT NULL,
	`Country` CHAR(2) DEFAULT NULL,
	`PostalCodeType` CHAR(1) DEFAULT NULL,
	`Latitude` DOUBLE DEFAULT 0,
	`Longitude` DOUBLE DEFAULT 0,
	PRIMARY KEY (`PostalCode`));